Project Handling

User defined Layers, Maps, Media, and all other application settings, including Output Window setup are called a Project in mapstard. 
Projects can be saved to - and loaded from file, deployed to other computers and grouped into Playlists for automated playback.

The Media, FreeFrameGL Effects and 3D Models contained in a Project are not stored inside the Project file, they are referenced via their own file location and file name. The File Menu provides the [ Deploy Project] functionality, which saves the Project and copies all referenced files in a folder you specify. The folder can be easily be to another computer running mapstard afterwards. 

The Project handling functions are located in the File Menu, as described below. Click in the links to get more topic specific information.

File Menu  
New Project Close the current Project and create a New Project with default settings.
Open Project Load existing Project from File.
Save Project Save current Project to File.
Save Project as... Save current Project to File with other filename/ save location.
Open Playlist Open existing Playlist.
Playlist Editor Show Playlist Editor - Group Project Files into Playlists and defined playback mode.
Export Project to Video... Render Project to video file with configurable Codec.
Export Project to Still Image Sequence... Render Project to frame by frame to PNG image file. Image sequence can be further processed with other applications.
Take Screenshot... Render current Output Window display to a PNG image file.
Export Project Audio... Export Audio from Project to WAV file.
Deploy Project Collect Project file and all Media files, FreeFrameGL effects and 3D Models used in the Project to a user defined folder, that can be moved to another computer running mapstard.
Project Info Show Project Information organized in a comprehensive tree.
The Project Info Tree must be manually refreshed via [F5] in Project Info Tree Window or by re-clicking this menu item.
Remote Control Open Remote Control Window - OSC + mapstard network interconnection.
Program Settings Open Program Settings window. When Program Settings are saved, the application is restarted.
Launch Again Launch a new instance of mapstard. You can run multiple instances of mapstard on the same computer.
Restart Restart application.
Check for Updates... Check if there is a new mapstard version online. The update check is made automatically by default when the application starts. Automatic update check may be turned off in Program Settings.
Quit Exit application.